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Distributed artificial intelligence value network

  1. EAI strengthens the expansibility of the Ethereum network, connects all the artificial intelligence computing power, and establishes the powerful computing power of distributed artificial intelligence.
  2. Dapp and Ethereum are fully compatible and run without obstacles.

World artificial intelligence computer

  1. Large-scale increase of high concurrency TPS to solve the current congestion problem of ETH.
  2. EAI architecture is a world-class decentralized artificial intelligence computer.

Business cooperation

EAI is committed to building a business-level artificial intelligence computing application platform and an excellent ecosystem.


The Technical Characteristics of EAI

The threat of AI has always been a problem that human beings need to consider carefully. Various sci-fi movies throw out the picture of AI threatening human survival. AIAI is constantly exploring the use of intelligent contracts to constrain some of the extraordinary behavior of AI, so as to guard against potential AI threats in the future.

Through block chain technology, AIN operations can be decentralized and distributed over a large number of nodes in the world, thus achieving low cost by issuing EAI and reusing idle computing resources. Preliminary estimates show that this cost is less than 30% of the cost of user-built neural network server and 50% of the cost of traditional artificial intelligence centralized cloud computing platform.


EAI is the key platform to promote the future of AI!