About us


What is EAI?

EAI is an ecosystem jointly established and operated by partners in artificial intelligence networks. In this network, it USES intelligent contracts to ensure the privacy of data and control the paranormal activity of artificial intelligence. Intelligent contract issuance of EAI based on Ethereumthrough the mechanism of mining connection on both sides of supply and demand, miners are rewarded by digging the EAI, artificial intelligence, enterprises need to pay a small fee, so as to significantly reduce the artificial intelligence enterprise hardware costs, promote the development of artificial intelligence data training, make deep learning can be more widely.

Our value

EthereumAI is a global network distributed artificial intelligence value, through Ethereum blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence technology, large enterprise to make full use of GPU/FPGA server cluster, small and medium enterprises scattered spare GPU server idle GPU computing resources, as well as the personal computing resources to build an artificial intelligence computing platform, through the Ethereum at all artificial intelligence network is connected, EAI intelligent contract can make the artificial intelligent device can achieve automatic or at least a semi-automatic connection between each other, and finally establish a global network of distributed artificial intelligence value. The basic feature of this value network is to provide a secure, robust, private, and inexpensive decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform.

Team Members

David Wang

Chief Scientist

He is currently a professor, doctoral supervisor and deputy director of the Department of Computer Science. In 2005, he received a doctorate in engineering. From 2005 to 2011, he worked in Europe and the United States. This paper mainly studies network, system and block chain technology and security. More than 50 papers have been published in academic journals or international conferences at home and abroad, of which more than 20 have been retrieved by SCI. Join the EthereumAI team at the end of 2017.

Kevin He

Founder & CTO

From 2005 to 2011, INFINEON was a senior chip verification engineer; From 2011 to 2014, worked as an expert on INTEL chip design; From 2014 to 2015, served as the director of the chip designer of BriteSemi; From2015 to 2016, as a project manager, blockchain chip well-known chip design technology manager, complete 16 nm COINS dig chip design and related blockchain software design, familiar with the AI chip and related hardware and software design of the system. Successful design of streaming tablets and mass production of 4 baseband SOC chips, 4 SOC video chips, 1 bitcoin mining machine ASIC chip, won the company's excellent employee award multiple times. His translation of digital system test and testability design, published by mechanical industry press in 2015, intends to publish related works on AI chips.

Roy Zou

Project Consultant

With a master's degree in control engineering and more than 10 years of government work background, he entered the field of Bitcoin in 2011 and has been engaged in the research of encrypted currency block chain technology.

Finally, thanks to the Ethereum team, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence technology, we have the opportunity to build a new future.